Center Evristich Psyhology

TEAM OF SPECIALISTS Free Portal NOT "pop psychology"

        This website is designed to explore a directory of free psychological, cultural, phenomenological information that introduces the "bare business", "survival in power", "weather in modern psychotherapy", instructs how to use the "new driver" to test the viability, analysis and projected development of your staff and the job description.
        Creates a "bank abstracts" of the internal behavior of the person of a professional therapist-trainer. Being in the eternal search for ways and understand the principle of the Kyoto Bushido: integral prices soul tunes in the history of the race. Here a library of essays, texts, translators designed to help understand the new codes in psychotherapeutic interventions. "Magic" Medical Hypnosis opening people's health.

        Shows a picture of how to create conditions for "erotic vacation mentality" patients during the description of therapeutic trance. Flash-examples of how to download the resources and instructions for the treatment of subconscious mild cases and severe conditions, an understanding of his "Mission horoscope descendants."
        Separate directory, the group "Information for the money": psychology program, treatment, technology, news, and training. Contracts for all of the activities and services of the Center heuristic programs are developed only for a single person or company with a guarantee of subsequent policy (even if it is your child).