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Center Evristich Psyhology

Good day, dear visitors of the site "heuristic Psychology Training Center"!

(The site is the official portal psihoteramed.net ANO "Center heuristic programs")

History of the center

· The activity center heuristic programs. (CEP), began in 2001 as a center trenigovy engaged "fine-tuning" of psychological university graduates to the level of "practical psychology.

· Constantly correlating our capabilities and development to the real needs of economic and social situation, in 2012 formed the following promising areas of work:

· - Development toward psychology, psychotherapy, medicine (example)

· - Individual training psychologists on methods of medical psychology to work independently in a health care (example)

· - Development toward managerial, organizational consulting and training (example)

· - A school of personal growth, the statement in life and at work, self-determination (sample)

      - Psychotherapy, counseling services (example)

What makes us different from other. First of all, an unusual paradigm of methods:

- Awakening primeval energy childhood dreams,

- Hereditary building

- The feeling of "everything is possible and all have the power!"

- To achieve the desired, maintaining health and conscience,

- An explosion of creativity to overcome the problems and the development of visual thinking.