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Sexual norms


Sexual norms

Sexual norms
 Dear colleagues, I am writing an article in the style of professional cynicism. Therefore, someone may seem overly harsh. Warned! So armed with "read" and "understand"! The question that is always asked myself as less professional therapist: "And that, before people knew ways to solve the problems of sexual reproduction?".

 Ordinary logic dictates life: he knew they could, teaching others. The fact that sex education has been established supported by the fact that the strength of marriages was much higher than now. And this is the result of normal psychosexual relations in marriage. These relations were heavily regulated. Registered in different moral canons. Included a number of limitations, which in a deeper perspective proved motivators and stimulators of sexual activity. This may seem psychotherapist - Freudians blasphemous because, according to their idea of ​​the sexual revolution and is an extreme and the necessary degree of human freedom. Provides excellent sex.

But the reality is this is partly true. All smooth, analytic and disgusting. Because the philosophy freydzma denies the right to love. After a foolish to deny the existence of a higher, divine love as foolish to deny the existence of natural passionate attraction between men and women. And silly claim the superiority of one over the other ... Thus, the judgment of professionals, not subject to appeal. Adepts of psychoanalysis created modern Western culture, psychology, and ... killed Love.

Where do you find a healthy community, healing attitudes to sex? What professionals are accessed by people for help in solving their sexual problems? - First of all, in folklere. -? Official information will always comply with the laws of Ethics and rightfully so. But the information was passed from mouth to mouth in gay companies in kitchens, bachelor party, bachelorette party, etc. is a mine of tips, methods, techniques on sexology. They need only to understand, to translate the often obscene language, the language of therapy and use. Why is "obscene"? - Yes, because it is the language of culture serving animal instincts of reproduction (sex), food, and self-preservation. Such language conveys the tension, passion, unbridled, recklessness, risk, aggression, self-giving, etc. more animal than man. No matter how we deceive ourselves, but half of its essence, we all belong to the same biological species "apes." "Reasonable Man" uses in his behavior the other language. Sublimated from the lower potencies into a higher form and take into account other forms of life. This distinguishes him from the animal world, but also the limits of it ... and because sex is an animal instinct. That's an example of the key to the treatment of sexual disorders. Read Russian Freud - Barkov IS He's in brilliant form of versification comprehended through the perception of the human being "head between your legs." Set it to think in terms of simple mental functions and you will model healthy mind about sex.

 A model of how to think and what to the processes of perception, as well as what to feel, to give their assessment of what is happening before, during and after sex. As a specialist, you do not need to explain that 90% of sexual problems generated by internal psychological state of the patient. His personality structure in history. Education, life experience. Deep "tune in" to sex. Therefore propose to begin not with the clinical analysis, and describe healthy mind in a healthy sex. To do this, I will share their clinical experience with psychotherapy successful "settings" of the mind of man during sex: - Reasoning move only in the present tense *, analyzing all the current feelings, looks, sounds, smells. Podgonyaemy often thought: "That's not all!" - All the taste, unusual sounds, "anatomical" images of perception, "tight", obsessive mind interpreted as sverhzatyagivayuschie in their original passion. - With power distills all socially constructed ideas like: someone who I should (a) what was before that? What comes after? As (s) he to me actually treat, etc., or sublimated into the growing sexual aggression (in some cases allowed intense representation of pornographic film). - "Tight" sexual energy increases, depending on the degree of excitation of the partner. Cultivated stable inverse relation between the partners.
 As a result, developing internal skill adjust their activity so that it caused the most excitement at the partner. Naturally, the analysis of patients' sexual problems also helped to identify some patterns of internal systems and dissatisfaction with sex. Here are some typical "adjustment" of the mind, which leads to the potential of impotence and frigidity: - Think about the correctness of any sexual activity correlating them with advice, smart sex benefits, etc.
 (Do you want to destroy what may be a pair of sex life? - Give Kama Sutra and say that this is the key to success. Or nullify the psychological training for sex. Then they will think how to meet "cool" level and forget about their own instincts) - * Play in my head events are not related to the current time of sexual intercourse: the thought of cases, offenses, obligation, guilt, fear, not competence, etc. - Remember the moral values ​​during intercourse - Reasonable, analytic evaluate taste, anatomical perception, smells, sounds, movements, apnea symptoms, etc. - Internal position "not here" (after visiting "grief - gur" many try to meditate in the "cloud" and the orchestra (sha) subconsciously starts feeling that lies next to "log") Presentation of the two poles of "Settings" about sex makes an excellent material for the diagnosis of the current situation and goals, which must develop psychological correction of such problems. The most effective methodology is providing initial patient awareness of their dual nature: animals and reasonable. Further, the methods of humanistic psychotherapy, behavioral acts bred animal and rational behavior on the necessary context of life.

One understands that it is better to discuss the problem at the family council, in the kitchen, with friends, and give free rein to passion, aggression must be in bed. Correction (adjustment) of individual mental functions for intercourse most successfully by the method of clinical hypnosis techniques "passionate" metaforirovaniya and NLP. Necessarily linking new skills resources subconscious customer focused mediated by sensations of the body through an imaginary partner. When a client asks for instructions on how to maintain an active sex of his life as long as possible, then proposes the following set of rules and regulations: - Sexual innuendo and games should come from your physical nature and not be caused by your stereotypes about how to do this. Subconscious partner (shi) accept unequivocally clear, not clouded desire. - Try to maintain a sense of shyness with each other. Even if you are thorough to the last mole examined partner's body, still closes. Walk around the house dressed.

Cover your private parts. Let this be a somewhat artificial, but your instinct "will not rust." - Well, to an ordinary dream took on different beds, and if funds allow, even in separate bedrooms. - Keep in mind that the relationship between a man and a woman can kill not only love (properties "top of the head"), but the sex appeal (the properties of the "lower head"). Therefore, try not to put sexual relations on the solution of current problems in life. Just put yourself on this taboo. Beware of sex topics during showdown. - Try to carefully hide their physiological functions and activities associated with that of another person. Even if you think that you should not still hiding. - Clean. Before you go to bed for sex be sure to thoroughly clean up. Let this be your desire paronoidalnym lifelong. Even a faint odor from any part of your body can spoil everything. And after repeated this mistake again, cause you to persistent subconscious aversion. - Love Divine. Sex is beautiful. Love and Sex - the meaning of life on planet Earth!

Podkhvatilin Nikolay

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