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Therapeutic hypnosis


Therapeutic hypnosis

Therapeutic hypnosis

Should mention, that "therapeutic"

from sense to cure the disease, and not inspire?!

Has passed the next seminar on therapeutic hypnosis for doctors. For me, as a moderator, in fact, it took forever. Applicants aware only of the subjective feelings «of a long day, which is too long lasted, with a month about...». Look at the people who master it from eternity and trying to come up with a style of presentation for what was going to write. Can be esse?! Эссеистическому style peculiar to the imagery, mobility associations, associations, often антитетичность thinking, setting for intimate frankness and conversational tone. Echoes the thoughts of a trainer at the time of the material together with a personal reflection of the participants of the sheets of two years and lasts to this day.

Dear doctors! In several days you will learn how to model behavior - how to do hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can be used to achieve some purpose. Hypnosis - this is an amplifier. Further, echoing the famous teachers of hypnotic skills j. Grinder, P. Bandler, saying: « «What would you do - sell whether cars, or doing therapy, or work with a jury - You will be able to call the people have a more intense reaction. You'll do the same what You are doing, but the hypnosis will give the opportunity to do that with a large exposure». Your patients will recover faster already from the fact that more carefully listen to your instructions and follow them.

And. A little personal. Please leave the room all who came to seek «button to influence people» (for the sake of their own self-preservation). As possessing some degree of competence in this topic, consider hypnosis as the river of Existence, the coast is shaped by a doctor on the one hand and the patient with the other. «The shore» form the flow velocity, efficiency, «suitability for navigation», its depth and purity, to eventually join the World Ocean. When drab or their own use of hypnosis turns into a Pandora's box with all the ensuing consequences. I will try to explain the above.

The use of the subconscious resources patient for the manipulation of human consciousness in the mercenary purposes leads to a gradual inner devastation of the manipulator and the destruction of his psyche. The thing is that hypnosis operates the most profound beyond the conscious control of the processes of the mind. But in order to influence the нейроиндокринную the human system by stimulating the immune system, you first build a model in the depths of his mind: to estimate, and it will work or not so, and, involuntarily take vaccinations it yourself first, and only then send to the address.

Accumulation and eventually manifestation of destructive «commands» creates a bias in their own subconscious structures: the first professional deformation of the person (self-satisfaction from the purchase of the hypnotic gaze - a sort of hell with bulging eyes, and in fact the ophthalmologic defect - spasm of accommodation ), and then trackball gets attributing all of mysticism, or, often rushing to the other extreme - the tradition of the anathema of the «demons» method, the organization of concessions against the «enslavement» of secret power, etc., etc.

Therefore, in this direction therapy «word» as nowhere else important motto: covet another only what you want yourself. The «судьбоносней» the exposure, the more accurate and more harmonious it should be. And this is first of all it is important for the health of the physician, the patient, as strange as it sounds. This phenomenon - especially his психопатическая party (the struggle against psychiatry, perhaps the only thing that is a fear in hypnosis.
From the comments of the over half a year after the workshop. With. Doctor-surgeon
And so what I understand..
I realized that any word can be of great help, or Vice versa harm a person.
I realized that it is better that word to help you use.
I realized that I do not like thinking about myself before.
Yes, and the whole of life seem larger, richer and does not have such a narrow focus, as it appeared prior to the workshop.
But the most important what I understood - it is a huge responsibility for any act or action , aimed not only towards other people, but also in the direction of himself.

I Express sincere gratitude for such a useful experience, which became for me a step...a small but Very significant.
The material of the seminar - training is usually formal - professionally, but all the concepts and methods set out in simple everyday language. Important points are explained the consideration of cases from practice, sometimes jokes. After all, our brains for anything that does not accept the methods and results, which had not observed, and with the sense of humor is always easier to perceive serious things.
An example of. The great physicist Landau led his lectures sitting on the chair and a significant part of the lecture time for nuclear physics "poisoned" jokes (in physics are not connected). Is it necessary to remind, that he has brought up a galaxy of physicists with a world name, created the nuclear safety of our country and the world's nuclear energy?

Without claims to the value of the glory of the Landau :-), voiced «Expected results» of applicants. In order not to tempt.
Explaining that the trains are not «hypnotic gaze» and "special secret power", and your own inner world, so that as a result he has provided professional activity (creating automatic involuntary conditions) the use of hypnotic skills in the process of treatment.
This is similar to top, to work on yourself, where You gradually
приручаете subconscious to believe that it can work as a Doctor (!), causing to reality, some of the experiences of HIS life from happy to terrible, combining of them sequence and algorithms, which resonance will cause similar experiences in the patient. And if necessary, to «the way» by a modification of this whole process in the fight for the health of the patient. (Make a reservation. The surgeon to heal, not always doing nice things).

Тренируемый set of capabilities - a practical guide, which anyone can use to solve problems and to make the life and work of all more similar to what I would like to see her.
From the comments of the over half a year after the workshop. About. Doctor-therapeutist
That for me hypnosis?

A little background in General outline of narration. Until recently, I somehow did not think about hypnosis in General. And then over a Cup of coffee and crappy food from McDonald's Teddy bear (colleague) offered to take courses on hypnosis.
My first reaction was quite negative, and I refused. I at once seriously believe in the opportunity to learn this and
испугалась.Себя, its possible opportunities, the temptation to use the received knowledge is not for the purpose.
Some time passed, and I received a re-invitation. Don't know what happened, but I like it suddenly disappeared
согласилась.Возможно, a thirst for knowledge had won over fear. So I was in the group.

The information which I received at the seminar, surprisingly harmoniously was perceived by my consciousness. Moreover, much of what I heard, it was already I know from my own observation and reasoning.

The extent of training I went through several stages... can't just pick up the epithet... self-awareness and perception of the world... so probably. At first there was a euphoria: hypnosis - how easy it is and just how many possibilities! I found a way to change to better my life and the lives of their loved ones!
Then came the atmosphere of peace and forgiveness to the world: I know what to do, and let the vast majority of I do not understand - I will not be hard on him.
But all the same manipulation with the subconscious gift is not passed, and the procedure of its «shaken». And if earlier it is rarely found an outlet in the world, now we have the feeling as if there was a kind of steady «bridge» from the subconscious out. I became acutely feel the emotions, and even thoughts of the people around me, again the gift of foresight, forgotten with deep youth. And I was scared. And it was question: do I want to know more than is given to the majority of people?

The ratio of same to hypnosis has become more pragmatic: it works, I can use it, how can theoretically use any man,but to use it one must carefully.
That for me hypnosis? - A way to understand themselves and others. The way to change something for the better. What to do with the side effects don't know yet.
P.S. Sorry for the verbosity. I hope that is not too distracted from the topic.
P.P.S. I am Afraid that after reading You will decide that I need help.
I think it is so needs to be presented material about learning hypnosis and personality of the doctor in it. About the «miracles» of recovery , about the need to dispel, on an ongoing basis, the mystic aura of hypnosis (first for himself), about the primeval fear this word, and about the painful changes «stamped» in medvuze worldview of doctors, which was just taught to possess the necessary skills of the mind, body and soul, to do what is called the official medicine.
The identity of the hypnotist must be the person of the doctor with his
Гиппократовским - «do no harm». Rather, include it in its basis after the transformation in the process of learning.
The power given to hypnosis, there is the Power in the highest degree of intelligence of this understanding. In what must be a common human personality of the doctor (in addition to professional skills) absorbed hypnosis as a goal, as a means, as a part of the world?
- There are always concerns: who or what will stop a person from the global authority or, on the contrary, from burying himself in the hermits instead of helping of the world?
The man came out in support of familiar, for socio - cultural paradigm. He hovered in the «Inferno». Possible shifts of opinion and ideas in any direction. In the beginning, it may cause affective horror from «
ненастоящести everything and everyone.» The imaginary «huge» responsibility to make steps forward and lead the people «tricking» ourselves and others додумывая that the direction is correct.
M. Erickson
взабадривал beginners hypnotists the winged words: «You can pretend to be a master of any of the case and deal with the matter. It is absolutely not important, do you know how to hypnotize or not.

The words of Erickson's not more than an examination of some of maturity of a professional. It gives an opportunity to the Individual to believe this phrase (clinging like a circle from slipping stable reality), send it all to fuck off and to live the old life.
Those who do not believe and continue to improve to the transition to a new state of consciousness. After a certain time of doubt and anguish comes a clear sense of «that you will not make a mistake»: usually, the ultimate experience for which it is possible that the build (and make) becomes available in strict accordance with what this man stands with his abilities and how he so deserved. "Therefore, if the donkey saw a watermelon, it eats his vines; the ants eat something that can grasp; people use the whole, not knowing that he used. Knowledge cannot be kept from those who it deserves, it cannot be given to those who do not deserve it.
Knowledge is the only substance with differentiating ability, of her own, ' innate justice \Yusuf Hamadi".
From the comments of the over half a year after the workshop. M. Doctor-physiotherapist

Uniquely, the seminars were very interesting, even from the point of view of theory than practice.
With practice, everything is clear - we need frequent and regular training, but with the theory, the materials on which the heap, is always the problem - it is difficult to find a concise and accessible text. The seminars are very cool and clear (including in the form of charts), explained the structure of consciousness, subconsciousness, and the link between them.

Practice: in General, state of trance was unexpectedly pleasant. Trance in which I was several times was obviously shallow, i.e., I felt that it is possible to delve even further, but it was not psychotherapeutic sessions, and mostly theoretical studies with practical examples, so was the point is not in depth, but in getting a sense of "other" States of consciousness.
Startling were some of the ways (absolutely primitive, i.e. long supposedly used by all of the every day) guidance trance - they are described in the book of Bandler, which I slowly read.

Resolved an interesting question about the possibility of forced guidance Tranced state of the person (Gypsy hypnosis). Oddly enough for me, but it was possible. Theoretical bases of given regularities of the process.
The training algorithm of hypnosis in the initial stages of the full of exercises and algorithms leading the psyche of the «shallow water» on the «depth» where there is no supports and directions - this is a place well-known river the river Styx, «who walk not here» from which it is possible can you get (cure) of one, another third. And of course must understand that the act on the principle «cannot be saved, but to help must», because patients are ill not just for everything there is a psychosomatic or
соматопсихическая reason. Or, metaphorically - They are not just engaged in these waters. You pulled it out, now they will go for you to have children, work, learn, live with the condition of your championship. This burden sweet or cursed, correct conclusion - it is work. Work without a beginning and an end in the cauldron of the Demiurge, arguing that «this» can still something good time to give them respite, vouch for them !... As a demiurge hear this voice from his boiler, smiling. ALL .. SO SOMETIMES PEOPLE ARE thankful to Him , and not коленопреклонны! He is waiting for eternity and for eternity.

From the comments of the over half a year after the workshop. M. The doctor-endocrinologist
It was Brighter, when you look at other people. And where in the hypnotist growing understanding that in hypnosis it is clear and what is not.
Clarity gives the opportunity to work better. Change own consciousness, and about a miracle I'm not going crazy with this, and swim and control of this planet. And it's cool. This was different from the world of the living and the dead.

On the one hand need to patients, and healthy trying to stay away. Suddenly can be hypnotized by? I am interested in the topic why are people so confused about hypnosis? That such a problem?

What is a teacher in hypnosis? - it is he who, on his fingers and primitive clarifies of any aspects of their own personality we have to take that one, then another to the interlocutor's appeared TRANS. This should be kicked to adjust. In short, without a master in hypnosis it is impossible to enter.
The main achievement of " remarked his inner man, what a stage of formation of my personality is over, I realized what I and ready for the next....development.

Stagnation is not tolerate. Life of the movement, even in death there is movement.
From hypnosis increased efficiency, but well, it nafig this performance!!!
My colleague Optometrist said that on the retina am constantly in a situation of fatigue. A spasm of accommodation. Learned to relax and take before bedtime problems of the day and sleep calmly.

I understood his rhythm , he should not work for more than three months in a year, and then relax and do it RIGHT!!!
Work, hobby, earning money can be one and the same. The person of a single river around the stones of fate, this is my life.
Read Bandler «guide to the change of personality» there applied things. If there was a base of the seminar it was not available.
Began to notice circular patterns of behavior of some couples: spend in the kitchen talking
замолченных phrases, and use templates psychotechniques in a domestic atmosphere. "Button URI - URI - works!"

Was tracking the results of non-verbal communication. That is, after a silence in the company of a certain topic of conversation occurs for no reason and not with this. I learned to drive «platform» to develop further cooperation.
In detail: coped with fear to communicate with strangers, girls. Enter in unfamiliar company «as to his home».
What has been achieved in the medical purposes: the child comes blue with fear. Five minutes later he was ahead of me running for gastroscopy and ready to swallow this painful and unpleasant hose. During the study he did not
ажитирован, calm, can make noise , but not aggressive in the state, because it can overcome the difficulties. Because as прессуппозицию put before the examination. Further impact on the parents happily coming of the child. And amnesia painful medical procedures, that it is important to not be afraid of medical examinations. And every one of the children then went to the concert performances of the flute and don't worry, I set myself a little monument.
And yet, I realized that hypnotic anesthesia and endoscopy should not be combined, taken a lot of energy. For myself I decided to do it selectively on the mood and necessary.
I am different now from colleagues and peers one: I am free!!!
From someone else's conscience and justice.

Podkhvatilin Nikolay


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