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NLP is an opinion of a psychologist


NLP is an opinion of a psychologist

NLP is an opinion of a psychologist

"... When we come up with the name «neuro-linguistic programming» (NLP), many said «It sounds like mind control» - as if this is something bad. I said: «Yes, of course, if you don't start to control and use your own brain, then you should just leave it to the mercy of fate".
Richard Bendler.

In the words of one of the founders of neuro-linguistic programming , reflected the true essence of fashion today, psychological direction. What is it and what is the difference between a psychological direction from the pre-existing? Let us try to do the outline of neuro-linguistic programming as one of the professional methods of influence on the human psyche. Here it is important to remain clear for both professionals and the General public.

Working practical psychologist, we have to use methods of different schools, including NLP, so I suggest in the form of a comparative look at this development and to give him an approximate estimation. Let's start with the most impressive features of the method of neuro-linguistic programming.

The first thing that catches the eye when using psychic techniques of NLP, so this operation so deep structures of the human psyche, which is virtually ruled out of conscious control and resistance created by the changes. A necessary correction takes place directly in the subconscious and is subject to natural execution. From here it is very high efficiency and speed of the support provided. For example, in traditional schools it is considered that awareness of the client of your problem as well as a way to solve this should be consciously despite the expenditure of time and the desire of the client.

The second is the lack of sufficient content in the methods used. The client NLP-specialist can, in principle, not to talk about the details of the problem and still he will get what he wanted. Sounds a little cryptic, but it is really so.

Thirdly, the paradigm of neuro-linguistic programming is sufficient original. It implies that the person must constantly learn new ways of behavior, and the problems he has only then, when he does not have the appropriate model behavior to overcome any situation.

All they need to make a psychologist, a propagator of this school, so it is to teach the corresponding models of behavior of those in need. To better understand this will give an example of the approach to the same problem of psychologists from psychoanalysis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Girl 12 years, too shy.

The psychoanalyst will seek the reasons of such behaviour in childhood girls. Finding the reasons of such behaviour (shyness), he together with it will assess these reasons and possible conclusions, which ideas should help her to behave differently, that is, less shy.

Specialist NLP - take the complaint to the excessive shyness directly. Girl after all requests about the ways of conduct, which will not be her hamper. Then the specialist will begin the process of learning new ways to internal and external behavior satisfies this identity.

Fourthly, the psychological techniques of neuro-linguistic programming superb work for the correction of school failure and aging problems character. Some of the modernization of these psychic techniques allows to apply them directly in the process of education, as well as for training of any skills. This is how the saying Бендлер:
«...One of the things that NLP is representative, is a way to look at human learning. Although many psychologists and people working in the social sphere, use neuro-linguistic programming, in order to do what they call the therapy, I think, the most appropriate to describe the NLP as an educational process».

So, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is not only psychology and medicine, but also education, management, as well as the method of examination and copying of any of conduct.

The proposed set of opportunities is fantastic. Learn and practice the use of the proposed methods of NLP, you become the owner of the tool, which can change the destiny. For example, some people years cannot overcome any fear, uncertainty. Specialist NLP correct these deficiencies for 15-20 minutes. In the same short time you can cope with uncertainty or with the problems of the choice in any situation of life, etc.

However, I want to several «dilute» Jun description of NLP and answer for those people, who are afraid of the psychological school.

Has the place of the phenomenon, which occurs when you use a method of neuro-linguistic programming. Professional psychologists, know about its existence.

With proper use of neuro-linguistic programming is a perfect assistant, but when drab or their own use of it turns into a Pandora's box with all the ensuing consequences. I will try to explain the above.

Use of methods of neuro-linguistic programming for the manipulation of human consciousness in the mercenary purposes leads to a gradual inner devastation of the manipulator and the destruction of his psyche. All the matter is that NLP operates the most profound beyond the conscious control of the processes of the mind. And in order to instill some kind of a model of thought to the other party, i.e. instill in your will, you first build a model in your head and involuntarily take vaccinations it yourself first, and only then send to the address. Accumulation and with the time of the manifestation of such destructive «commands» creates a bias in the psyche and manipulator of the sick. So, in the direction of psychology as nowhere else important motto: covet another only what you want yourself. The deeper the exposure, the more accurate and more harmonious it should be. And this is primarily important for the health of a psychologist, than for the client, as strange as it sounds. This phenomenon is, perhaps, the only thing that is a fear in NLP.

Nevertheless, I believe that the methods of neuro-linguistic programming can be used for formation of Man of the future. A man who will be able to form their psyche, tendencies and traits of character in the likeness of how an experienced stylist picks up clothes, makeup, etc. The man, who will have the power over me, over the time of his own death. Because NLP techniques allow you to find the keys conscious control and stopping of cardiac activity, metabolic processes, etc. Naturally, the man that hath power over his death is not afraid of her, and this is already a truly Free man.

In human practice, there is the analogue of the, it is those skills, which are held by experienced yogis.

To finish the philosophical digression a reservation, that such development is possible only with a parallel growth in knowledge about the laws of the universe, personal development, which will balance the open ability. After all a person with such capabilities, not quite human in our understanding, but something more and perfect.

It is possible to describe and other features of neuro-linguistic programming, but they will be too fantastic for the unprepared reader. From myself I want to speak on the topic of expanding in recent hype against NLP. The analysis of such articles shows that the noise is louder than all those who are familiar with NLP and have a vague idea of any psychocorrection at all. Strangely enough such people very much in psychology, and often they have a scientific title, the «weight» in the nomenclature of the circles of education or medicine.

Sometimes I provoke the question of the type: «Methods of neuro-linguistic programming dangerous, how do You use them?» I answer: «You Have the kitchen is a knife and they can not only cut off a piece of bread, but, excuse me, stab. Why did You cut?»

After such a counter-question incident exhausted. It has always been so, what is criticized most of all that later turns out to be the most interesting. Everyone decides for himself...

Wishing to get acquainted with the methods of neuro-linguistic programming can recommend the literature, in which given the history of origin and methods of use. Here you can help the following: If explore the history of this course of psychology, then go to the decreasing in time series of important for NLP authors: contemporaries - John grinder and Richard Бендлер; in turn the main practical methods they have gained from Milton Erickson, who the main theoretical principles and practical studies borrowed from Alexander Romanovich Luria. So look for books by these authors and read! Success!

Podkhvatilin Nikolay

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