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Telepathy, Love, Flowers and Space


Telepathy, Love, Flowers and Space

Telepathy, Love, Flowers and Space

The phenomenon of telepathy may not be subject to doubt Not only has accumulated a huge amount of the corresponding actual material, but also almost every had lived a family man is not going to refuse to tell about them personally tested psychic phenomena. Honorable attempt to explain them from a scientific point of view. K.E. Tsiolkovsky The greatest of all is love. It works wonders, lifts people up to heaven, and throw it into the abyss.
 In love, there is one feature - lovers, in the soul, always feel each other, how far would not have driven their separation.. What would have happened in the family conflict or disagreement, etc.. One and the same flower blooming at the same time in two souls remains there forever, even if you have to leave. But the feeling of presence in the soul of the beloved man, with his emotions and feelings remains. Now this, sometimes touching, иноггда tragic, all the well-known, available feature человечеких feelings. Try not reach the finer feelings, just ask phenomenon of the transfer of emotions, images and visions at a distance, and then поиссследовать; whether this is related to human relationships.

 On a serious scientific level of the issues dealt with back in the 50 years of the last century, corresponding member of Academy of medical Sciences, Professor L.L.. Vasiliev. Not only did he experimented, but also gathered a huge, real factual material. He walked in, what is called «almost» before the opening of the mysteries of human relations with «the world without the words» - telepathy. The value of his research was in strictly scientific, academic approach to studies. Именнно on this, the results of his experiments were valuable, for a serious science, value. Here, for the sake of precaution, it is necessary to tell, that life Vasiliev finished tragically. It just simply was shot dead, and the public filed as a case of suicide because of mistress-laboratory assistant. Nonsense!. But let this example will serve as a «science» the brave researchers who will go the same way.... Here collected material from different reliable sources. The purpose of which offer one of the theories explaining how people feel at a distance of each other, love, hate, feel a sense of betrayal or care. And what is most interesting, as the same feel of the plant, when thinking about them people.

The very statement of the topics have been intriguing. Intelligent plants! Let's start with lots of examples. A case is known of the life of the Lomonosov Moscow state University. He had already lived in Питербурге, when his father died, рыбачивший on the White sea. At the time of the death of his father Mikhailo Vasilyevich experienced a heart attack and is clearly understood: with the father misery... And here is the recorded data. «We, the undersigned, certify that Boris Nikolaevich Шабер 17 December 1918, told us about a strange vision of Hope Arkadyevna Невадовской, that had come to him in the morning of the day (twenty-five minutes. The ninth).

 B.N. Шабер heard the last word vision-«ashes» and he added that in the evening прощлого of 16 December he could hear someone's distant, familiar, as if muffled distance call: «Boris, Boris!». Vitebsk, 17.12.1918г.» From the number of persons who signed the original, the copy certified by the seal, countersigned by - And. Макуня (teacher of mathematics) and Item. Крассовский (lawyer). The addresses of the authors are given. «We, the undersigned, certify that 23 this December 1918, Boris Nikolayevich Шабером received from Petrograd from mother N.A.. Невадовской, Yevgeniya Nikolaevna, a letter with the notice that her daughter was wounded 16 December this year and died of the wounds in the eight and a half hours in the morning of December 17. The last thing she said was: «there is No dust, no decay». Vitebsk, 23.12.1918г.» Copy certified by a seal and signed. Макуни and P. Крассовского.... According to the pipe scraper, E.N. Невадовская not suffered the tragic death of her daughter and soon committed suicide. A rare feature of this case, writes Vasiliev, is the simultaneous manifestation of the two telepathic States - visual and auditory. But time has passed and the modern researchers say that the human emotions at a distance (telepathy) react not only the people , and all living things. For example, the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Nikolai Kolpakov shares his «mysterious» иссследованиями: «I speak to the flowers. (Although any gardener tending the flowers caressing them and how to speak.) True, the plants all feel. But I exchange with the colors of the specific information. I have in the laboratory of the two flowers are connected to the indicators. When I am going back to one of them, the arrow is rejected on the device, United with it. Switching thought to another flower - reacts the second device.

There is, and feedback from the flowers, but that it was reported flowers, I hope to learn a little bit later. While research is ongoing, I don't like to go into premature details» The author of the article, not a Professor, a simple medical psychologist, but by professional observations and generalizations of incoming information from other sources, I dare to say the following: In the house where people are «in the bosom stone», or constantly quarrelling flowers do not grow very well grow. Indeed, apart from other things, the flower of the life, which should be born and grow in the desired atmosphere. Thus feedback from the plants to the man, you can say, is investigated empirically - flowers to react own life and death.

From прсутствия the evil thoughts of the plant simply dies, and from the internal human kindness, reigning in the house, flourishes. There is something to think about. As it suddenly occurred to me that some of my friends complained that they have some reason did not take root flowers... Professor hopper explains the mechanism of interaction between plant and man the existence of a certain polarization of p-waves, which he was in the эксперементов with lasers in his Institute (1978), accidentally discovered, and then, after much research, they were found in the free прстранстве (1996). Here are some of the physical characteristics of these waves, «In contrast to electromagnetic waves with frequencies of the order of millions of Hertz, the polarization number of oscillations per second is expressed unit with forty zeros! And the speed of propagation in the hundreds of thousands of квадрилионов times more than the speed of light. For these waves practically there is no distance, they do not decay. If the light from distant stars is millions of years, the information with the help of P-waves - seconds. As Professor Kolpakov explained mysterious phenomenon, discovered outstanding Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev. Watching the stars through a telescope, Nikolai Alexandrovich knew that captures the light that was flying to the Earth many light years. And in this moment, this star is in a different place. Kozyrev had hoped, in what is. And pointing the telescope in a place where no stars to be seen, but it should be there. Lens shielding his aluminium screen, but the sensitive resistor changed electrical resistance - that is responsive to the invisible star. Kozyrev tried to explain the effect of the paradoxes of time. On Колпаковски everything is much simpler: the resistor reacted to the P-wave, долетавшие from an invisible point современнного the location of the stars.

We also interesting to others. Kolpakov proves that turns out to be all living things is able to generate these P-wave and, accordingly, to respond to them. A person «transmitter» or «generator» of P-waves are in the deep structures of the brain, and the access to it is only possible through the subconscious mind. Ie, if you listen to their subconscious feelings or as saying renowned psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, to the dark side of his personality, then you can «hear» the thoughts of other people, transferred from the subject the subject with the help of P-waves. Why to подсосзнанию? Only because in the experiments of Professor Vasiliev, it was proven that telepathy comes from the subconscious to the subconscious. That is why we hear other people's feelings in a dream or an altered state of awareness, when the consciousness of the «off» and the subconscious mind has a free «exit». As usual, the awakening of the people are trying to understand and to understand in our normal way: «what is that vision?» Interesting view on the phenomenon of telepathy professional psychiatrist, candidate of medical Sciences Peter K. kamenchenko:

«The development of the humanity of outer space I have always regarded with distrust. In my opinion, in the present space master no one has yet started. All that up to now were engaged in extraterrestrial space, was limited to the development of themselves and of their environment. And in the most self-centered forms. Than usually occupied by the astronauts during the flight? Looking at the Earth, from which they were only some kilometers in three hundred years (it was at such a distance was spinning to the point of complete eaten the «Mir»station), and the study of their own physiology. In this case, the usual zero-gravity continues to these forty years cause astronauts child surprise and delight. Of course, it is important to notice the good weather over the lake Titicaca or prevent collision of nuclear submarine with the shore. Yes, and the cultivation of cockroaches in weightless conditions can not fail to scientific curiosity. Who can argue. But what about space? Imagine a child who fell out of the carriage, and, instead of a hurry to get away from her, hard, hour after hour, touches her by the sound of wheels.

 This is not a normal child is autistic. Some of these problems can be explained by the lack of real opportunities for the development of space. Resource of energy sources and materials, which we have, is quite suitable for low-earth orbit, but not for flights to other solar systems. The main thing is that for so long and distant trips does not fit the human body. The organism of the man temporary and not very durable. It and is clear. In the course of evolution he has adjusted to everything, only not to the learning of other galaxies. That is the problem. All-the - wrong way. The main error of the evolution of the human species was in preference to the matter of consciousness. Simply speaking, it is not the body to the head, and the head to the body. As a result of millions of years mankind has been irrevocably lost. Instead of making progress, the brain engaged in servicing of the constantly increasing needs of the organism. Only one big finger of the right hand loads of work not less than ten per cent of the cortex. And with the proliferation of mobile phones, probably, and all of fifteen. There are other fingers, eyes, ears, feet, tongue, member, finally. It turns out that the brain of a modern individual is so busy routine maintenance of physiological needs, what about self-development him and come to think of it once.

Then - even worse. Was born and has embodied the idea of replacing the brain of an imitation. Complex form, but primitive essentially a mechanical machine, consisting of a network of computers. In fact this is the same as building a wooden samovar or to travel between the stars in the empty iron banks. The feeling is that the use of the brain for its intended purpose, including for the movement of consciousness at a distance of humanity, put a cross. It does not realise that the internal combustion engine, the Internet, and nuclear power is a dead end and the catastrophe. To anything, but even more advantages of the mother of consciousness, it will not. As a result, Earth gradually evolve into a reservation for billions of physically developed mindless organisms with a fully mechanized needs. A very disappointing outcome of many years of evolution. And as we now do?

 Consider a simple example. Suppose you were walking through the forest and realized that mixed up the road. In accordance with common sense should make sure in error, return to the starting point and go in the other, the right direction. However, in our case, this means the global catastrophe, the disappearance of the modern civilization and the next round of evolution, which started from scratch. Is it possible to avoid this, frankly, is not especially optimistic development of events? Apparently, while still Yes. The human brain is, of course, tortured needs, but it is still stored answers to unresolved for technocratic civilization issues, the keys to the doors of perception and codes mysteries of consciousness. Including in space exploration without the missiles and space suits, that, probably, could do our distant ancestors. Strange cosmic scenes of rock art not evidence of aliens visiting Earth, but a reflection of the sensory experience of the draftsmen. Not all, but the elected, apparently, were able to share the spirit and the flesh and move the consciousness in space, while remaining quite viable. Such people were, were the leaders and the shamans, share knowledge and skills, while the future people of their absent-mindedly not lost. Today people able to manipulate the mind and use it for interplanetary movements, no.

 But this does not mean that such an opportunity has been lost completely. Sometimes this can happen spontaneously, as a flash of inspiration. Such people are found, and must be taken to their experience seriously. Perhaps he will be able to lead us out of the technocratic deadlock. I will cite a case of its own psychiatric practice. Twenty years ago in an ordinary Moscow school was chemistry lesson. Fifteen-year-old Marina transcribed in the book chain formulas which the teacher with a passion curtains of the Board. Everything was as usual, and suddenly the girl clearly felt, that is not in the usual class, and carries with it tremendous speed through the cold and the absolutely black space. From somewhere she even knew that the movement is in the constellation of Sagittarius, and it flies to the rescue in distress interplanetary station. Marina saw absolutely transparent and very destroyed spacecraft. In the next moment she was already inside. Clearly felt weightless and his every movement in it, hear the sounds and even cold from the cold of the open cosmos. Everything was real, but the main thing, not at all Marina't surprised. As if she has already a long time ago all of these feelings known. In the long corridor Marina stumbled upon the lay people in suits, turn on the light and through the thick glass helmets saw the person. All were dead and lay here for thousands of years. In that instant she realized he could not get out of the ship and it will spin in a cold emptiness until you die. Marina began to cry, gently at first, then louder and louder... All this time, ten minutes, a neighbor on the Desk, Lena watched with interest, Marina is already the second page in a row wrote in a notebook of one and the same formula. Lena pushed Marina elbow, but she only shook her head and continued to write. To the middle of the third page of Marina stopped. The paper dropped a tear, then another. In the school infirmary, where the sobbing Marina brought on by the hands of the teacher of chemistry, she had been given water, soothing drops, called an ambulance and mother out of the house. Marina hardly knew where he was asked, as she was found and what happened with the glass of the ship. On the same day she was hospitalized in the juvenile Department of the psychiatric hospital №15 with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. An acute attack. Hallucinatory-параноидный syndrome». In the hospital Marina stayed for a week. Surprisingly, no violations of the psyche or traces of drugs could not be found. The next morning she was an ordinary student, if not consider the fact that remembered all her what had happened. From the hospital I wrote a Marina with a diagnosis of «Транзиторный psychotic episode. Онейроидное state». The case of atypical of the fact that detailed psychosis took a very short time. Often онейроидные state of consciousness of the last days or even weeks. State, by the way, very interesting and science is not clear. When онейроиде is as if the splitting of consciousness, when a person is in two places, and in both performs some action. In the classroom and space, in the house of the hospital and on another planet. He can be in this moment even to talk. He knows that sits beside you on a chair, but at the same time participates in the space of the expedition, where there is something going on. Psychiatrists have got used to consider such a state of acute schizophrenia, and to determine the strange, almost real visions coined a special term -«псевдогаллюцинации».

 Pseudo - because they are not projected into the outer world, as crocodiles in alcoholics, and there are inside of the mind. At that, all experiences are perceived by patients as a very real events. Онейроид - amazing state of consciousness. There is an impression that some people accidentally get access to other worlds, but entranced by it, do not know how such an opportunity to take advantage of. The vast majority of those who suffered онейроидные status in a large part of lose interest in normal, everyday life.

 Psychiatrists are trying to bring them back to the family, the football and the evening the beer, but the stamp of the detachment and the memory of the space will remain with them forever. Brain barely opened the way to some other knowledge, we are the same, the usual right people, lost in the process of evolution even the memory of it. We are the crown of evolution, they dissidents. For that we have them and treat. We treat, but unlike us, they were in space, though, and in a state of split of consciousness, we continue to cheat circles in near-earth orbit and sent there to the South African tourists. To the exploration of cosmic space by means of rockets, I am skeptical. Much more promising seems to me exploration of human consciousness. I suspect that there you can find not only the little green men and the way in parallel space, but also the whole of the space completely, with all its black holes, тунгусскими meteorites, constellations, asteroids and near-earth orbits. For some reason, I am convinced of it». And yet, what does this have to everyday problems, problems of love and hate, etc.? I'll try to list with the help of examples proving that the telepathy we use everywhere but only instinctively, thinking that this apprehension and not всепронизывающие P-wave, bearing imprints of the personalities of the people. .

Any experienced mother feels for her child at any distance, and the wife is easy to feel if in her absence мужинек will cause in his own house mistress. Ask an experienced businessman, does he feel a trick or Vice-versa success of the forthcoming works associated with certain people. The answer will be positive. He will tell about the following: «the Ability developed intuition» Ask the agent of special services of the highest qualification., is he feeling the approach of danger, even when neither of which is not happening? The answer is Yes. Remember the situation from his own life. When you are tuned to their business and persistently go to him (incidentally radiating in the ether of the P-wave with relevant information). «The receivers of P-waves, interested in the same direction of activity of the people, be sure you will hear», but in life it will look like the «miraculous» the emergence of the right people in the right place... A little about the sad things. There are people who subconscious mind set on destruction or suppression of the opposite sex. Ie emitted by the P-waves carry the appropriate information. While these people about this't know that. For example, if you are a woman, then it is usually husbands die or become a drunkard. Such women usually complain about the fate of the wicked, evil eye, damage, etc.

 Come in several times married, but everything starts anew. I sincerely they do not suspect that the installation is in their subconscious (which is configured transmitter of P-waves) If he is a man, the same thing happens, of course, with adverse floor. Let me give you another phenomenon. When a person is going to go someplace to go, then with the help of P-waves it is already present in the place where you physically are just going to come. If, however, in this place there is a P-wave, with the carriers of the personality of печатков other people, then there is an interesting phenomenon. If these individuals against each other nothing don't have in their physical bodies will be feeling безоасной and comfortable journey to this place. But if it's rivals, they will be physically нехотеться to go to this place. Their will «break» and etc. But win as always, the fittest stereotypes themselves,and thus working against him program of P-waves of another person If you develop these ideas further, it is not like something in itself. Apparently with the development of civilization and progress, with the good comes the understanding and new knowledge, which instead of giving more freedom to warn us of more caution, even in his own thoughts. Verily was right Эклизиаст: «Knowledge gives rise to grief»
Podkhvatilin Nikolay

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