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The psychology of betrayal


The psychology of betrayal

The psychology of betrayal
I'm indifferent to the knife
Shock enemy, but I excruciating pinprick other.

This material will be most useful for businessmen, managers of projects, managers, and developers of scientific schools, the spouses.

"I betrayed my best friend (a worker, student, husband, wife, etc.)!

I put him in a soul, money, his life, in the end! And he repaid me a black ingratitude!

Firstly, who betray????

- A leader, a Mentor, a Benefactor(льницу) and other TEACHERS!

Who betray?

- To the "loyal" to their people: Pets, staff, students, relatives of people. (so thinks M.E.. Litvak)

Man is born of the organism and live like the body, and the Man he becomes thanks to the Teacher. And if you have a disagreement with a Teacher - get away from him, but didn't go up against.

Many suffer the humiliation of the other, hoping that a traitor to Wake up the conscience. But can't Wake up that which is not. Conscience is a function of the soul, and a traitor to her no.

Traitor usually explains his action by the interests of the case: they say, business and nothing personal. Next, algorithm of conduct of the traitor is simple, to justify the first betrayal, he commits a second, third and so on to infinity.

Traitors usually have in common the fact that they have no business there, they feed and live at the expense of creative personalities. Thus, the traitor always secondary.

But when there is no creative work of creation, he becomes a traitor, destroying what made another. Pulling himself from the ruins of previously planted there the energy of creativity. That is, on the face of the ordinary "psychological vampirism".

In the basis of betrayal is inability to achieve the desired that speaks of the absence of sufficient life "personal" force available on that person from birth.

The psychic mechanism of this phenomenon sufficiently studied and is based on the phenomenon of unconscious communication. The essence of treachery - get what you want by any available means. The social instincts of morality lose before the instinct of possession of the thing itself cannot be achieved, or strengthen their own position in the case, social status, health, etc.

"Vampire" was jealous of health Affairs, personal life, etc. And in the beginning he literally sticks to the object of his attention. Copies of habit, hair, views, opinions on various issues of life and business. Trying to get some things from the "object" were at his house, and his own, all by hook or by crook the "object".

Non-verbally connected to the object of his desire, and he unconsciously begins to solve the problems of the vampire. "Vampire" is thriving.

So, the goal of any betrayal in the end get the part (or all) of the "luck" of another person. Under the «luck» is to be understood existence of a creative energy, which allows its owner to achieve success. This sort of "personal power", дающаяся us at birth, which is formed in the us under the influence of our own style of life. Basic values.

Metaphorically we can say this: the origin of the personal power, the Bank created energy, accumulated by your generation depends on three major factors:

the amount of energy with which it was conceived by;
the method which he increased or reduced her throughout his life;
and the way in which he uses it in his daily life.

At birth, every man has certain characteristics inherited it from their ancestors, mainly from their parents, although almost heredity extends farther, including the parents of the parents and so on. The influence of the ancestors, however, the less, than the next generation, we are talking about. And this applies not only to physical and physiological traits, but this also applies to energy. Parents give us not only a biological heritage, but also the legacy of the "energy".

The first element is, of course, what amount of energy have parents, and the second, what is its amount they are inferior to the fetus at the time of its birth.

Our energy heritage is not the only factor, which is on the level of energy determines our level of life. It affects also the form in which we use this heritage, whether it be great or insignificant.

Therefore, one who has a low level of energy, but use it in the best way, will be certainly in a better position than the one who has a lot of extra energy, but out of control. In the first case, we can see people who were born with a low level of energy, and then (explaining whether they are such words, or not) start to move on the path of the warrior, that at the same time allows them to increase their level of energy. In the second case, we are dealing with human beings who, when born with lots of energy, applied it only to satisfy his whims and self-importance, that, naturally, gradually depletes the level of their energy. This is the type of people who seek its own, is not very troubling, or the same people, with the ease of manipulating those around them, giving nothing in return, prefer to be loved, but not love. This is the ease of execution of their desires, leads them to lethargy and weakness - the owners of the other, but slaves of their own weaknesses.

Although the ideal condition is the presence of large quantities of energy and perfect control over it, moderation is the practice has more work than talent.

The one who was born with a small amount of energy, but is working to adequately (perfect) use it, be sure to its increase. At that time, as born with a high level of energy, a lot of times will become sluggish and weak due to the ease in which he provides this level. For the foregoing, there is no General rules, and only on the efforts of each will depend on the result.

In respect of energy it is worth noting that there are definitions of the past and present, which may be continuous or interrupted between themselves. On the one hand: "how much energy I was born, and that I had done to her throughout her life?" And on the other: "How do I use it and what changes can happen?" The conclusion from all this is that no one is sentenced neither the birth nor his past. We can change our use of energy, as well as how to restore it or increase.

Here are some of the most frequently used strategy of betrayal (vampirism):

1. False psychological stroking, to which a person gets used to it, lose vigilance. And, at the same time he has taken the energy.

2.Взращивание ambition of the man to самоупоения, evoking the status of the celebration of the situation, and in the moment of the highest development of emotions, from the growing emerging doubts and objections of the competency.

3.C you agree to cooperate on any terms. Do more than you ask for. You psychologically are positioned to such a man. Then you begin to "drink juices" on growing, in the form of ultimatum

4.Вас invites to cooperation of the person of higher status. You are excited about the prospects and work with a triple impact. Then you begin to make comments. You, trying to straighten up, tense feelings and deeds even more. The excuse. As you continue to belittle not dismissing. You высыхаете.

5. AN you get a good employee. He works. But the talent that he wants to implement lies in a different area. What it all constantly advises and from what looks like a sufferer. He involuntarily all sympathize. He is saturated.

6.Человек manifests about you сверхзаботу. Affirming further that the improvement of your Destiny the purpose of his life. Further, under this slogan your individual aspirations literally stifle " the energy of your unrealized potentials goes to him.

7.К you have good, приголубливают, caress, waiting for when the accumulated its natural potential (out of a sense of gratitude) you give him. Then you are charged charged with anything and chasing away from yourself. You will be again and again pull to this person "empty their pockets"

8. are you trust the opinion of a man, that there are strict regulations at all (horoscopes, камасутра, rhythms, strict rituals, etc.) Then you gradually build" assigning the title of "priest of the laws". And if you drift away in your behaviour, you have plunged into a sense of guilt. You drink.

9.Благородный a liar. The man who tells you a lie "in the name of your salvation." You thankful to him. You give.

10. You invites to cooperation of the owner of a file. Offers unlimited powers. You have a false sense of "master works". You выкладываетесь. You suck and in the best case indicate "their true place," or they say "you are able to more" and expect you more "juice". Then you throw them away.

Potential traitors (vampires) are very fond to analyze his condition through the prism of the surrounding people (donors). They are constantly looking for "justice", involving in this intellectual swamp as much as possible of others. Immature personality without the energy of creation wants to take a high position, was not involved in personal growth. Diligently to create their own image of a "victim" and the image of the bloodless «tyrants» of donors (i.e., those whom they "true" betrayed)

Normal , self-sufficient people lose in the external positioning on calling to his pity and compassion

Hardcore person cares about personal growth. High position comes by itself. The man who has high enough personal power, intuitively it increases. This can be seen in some of the behavioral and mental manifestations.

A person, who:

- is able to abstract from his past;

- gets rid of harmful превычек;

- change your way of life;

- able to сдеживать their emotions;

- do not condemn;

- do not complain;

- getting rid of their own importance.

For the human need for self-esteem in more important than the opinion of others. With such people is more difficult to build relations. They don't look in his mouth, as "loyal" the disciples. Having its own opinion, his advocate. If you can agree with such a person, then he usually would not. For it is contrary to his nature.

So, if you do not want to become a victim of betrayal, do not start devoted people, get immunity for the rapture.

Can something be done if you know that a long "stagnation" in your destiny is connected with availability in your environment "vampire"?!

As is known, the easier to get into the swamp, than get out of it. But the way the deep inner work is. Initially, you acknowledge that you have included in the communication "donor " vampire". Acknowledge it down and start to act. To start a "spiritual struggles" this road is always painful and difficult. Get ready to act under conditions of constant headache and heartache"

1. Even experiencing emotional anguish from violation and betrayal, it is necessary to enable control and keep track of what is happening. You forbid yourself "fall" in the emotional evaluation of what is happening. Offended, or even how to react. You just watch (as hunter prey) for the originating system and the information received. Bezotsenochno. Just the bare facts.

2.Дисциплина. Collect information about others, while they're targeting. Collect information about the hostile situation, while from her suffering. It is worth paying attention to the wording of specifying the time period of information gathering about the hostile environment: collect when suffering. This is important.

3.Выдержка. Expect without sadness and haste, with pleasure awards, which should occur. Despite the apparent hopelessness and futility of your actions, you must Believe and know exactly what you're waiting.

4.Способность to choose a suitable moment. Then the release of all that was prepared by: control, discipline and patience. That is still open водоспуск dam. It is likely that in reality it is just a word, a look, a gesture, an action, which rapidly destroy the painful, закостенелую situation traitor (vampire) - donor

5.Намерение (the only element of the strategy, which belongs to the world of the unknown). Deep in my soul you must hold the remains of your creative energy in a certain direction. Wish this to happen. Spend to maintain the potency may, in extreme cases, their last forces

6.Предатель, or a vampire. This is the tormentor, making life impossible. The warrior uses it to destroy its own importance and learn how to be perfect. You have plunged into a sense of guilt? You humiliated? And etc. Try instead of feeling of indignation drive themselves in emotion "I am not a Holy(Holy) and worthy(on) such lessons of fate"

So, dear readers, progress on the Path of its own formation!

Nikolay Podkhvatilin

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